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Capability Enhancement – focused at building human capital with structured Learning and development inputs with contact programs in a workshop mode, designed and customized to the specific organization, behavioral programs in class-room and outbound setting. Feedback at individual level along with ROI measurements for all Individual, team and leadership development programs.

We have been able to achieve People transformation with a combination of structured L&D inputs designed in line with strategy workshops and ongoing reviews to measure behavioral change.

Corporate training is an enabler to achieve organizational goals and business strategy. We deploy one trainer per organization who is accountable for customized content inputs, training implementation and training measurements as required by the partner organization.

‘GROW’ Mode

Step-01 Gather Facts

Raw Data

What do we do?
Understanding from Stakeholders
Record Interaction with role holders

Stakeholders Vision
Levels, Geography, Role

Mystery Shopping

Data Analysis

Most and least expressed

High Points
Process followed
Role understanding
Role Execution etc

Low Points
Growth etc

Actual v/s Expected


Present observations to Stakeholders

Gaps & Recommendations
Basis observed gaps
Learning input recommendation

Inputs & Sign-off
Stakeholders inputs and sign-off

Step-02 Reach Solutions


A learning solution basis facts(s) observed


Time & Funds to develop solution

No of Inputs

Frequency and time to be spent by participants
to learn and apply

Objectives & Outcome

For participants and the organization

Principles of Design

Instructional Design Principles
Design Document

Principles of Learning Delivery

Case Study
Role Play
Facilitator led Discussions
Work books


Industry research
Client research
Outcome of need analysis

Tools and Templates

Specific tools and templates design creation
for application

Skill Building Techniques

Tools to enhance knowledge

Step-03 Optimize Delivery

Train the Trainer

TTT on context & content
Certify trainer on content & Realities
Assessment and certification
Pre-assessment (knowledge and skill)
Learning sessions
Post-assessment (knowledge and skill)

Post Deployment Report

A post learning deployment report is received
from the respective trainers and the same is compiled and shared with the client. A post learning deployment report outlines

Feedback from

Overall feedback scores
Specific areas of success or area of improvement
Qualitative feedback about the faculty, effectiveness of learning and suggestions
Qualitative performance of the batch
Individual qualitative and quantitative inputs – skill & knowledge
Pride pointers
Areas of improvement
Suggested way forward

Step-04 Wellness Measure

Steering committee with Client to share
feedback & Outcomes.

Field audit reports based on specific
observation templates.

Measure of Retention and application
in session.

Post Intervention Audit:
After 20 to 45 days of the input application.

Evaluation on:
Retention Of Learning; Application Of Learning; Results Achieved.
At an Individual Department, Location & Organization level.

The post intervention Audit can also
be executed on a sample representing the universe.