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At Joy of Growing India we believe that each institution has a unique identity, culture, corporate process and business growth aspiration which are understood by all the stakeholders to ensure that a measurable development intervention could translate into a sustainable development process while creating efficiency in business operations.


Jogpeople India – Our Belief:

As a business advisor to company, we know that  

  • All employees want to perform well and want to be appreciated for it.
  • Performance is an outcome of the environment and not the individual.
  • All processes that can be measured can be worked upon and improved.
  • The only enemy of ‘Outstanding”, is ‘Good’.
  • If a part of the body is infected, it needs special attention. If it needs special attention, it must be dealt with accordingly.



Joy of Growing India – Our verticals:

We at Joy of Growing, Delhi, India operate with three demarcated verticals which function in a mutually inclusive and exclusive manner to create impact at the client environment.


Corporate consultants IndiaIndian Business Consultancy :

In our corporate consulting in India, we operate to achieve the objective of the Chairman’s, MD’s and CEO’s with projects which could be for a minimum of 12 to 18 month period and a maximum of 60 months. It is mandatory for the project to be reviewed by the CXO’s on a monthly basis to understand development and advise any change in approach or direction.

The Indian business consultancy projects operate around 3P’s – People Process Profit.

People – Understanding KRA’s with achievements and assessing the motivation levels of the employees, their high point along with their respective expectations from the organization to have a better understanding of the individual’s construct, attribute and output as achievements.

Process – Existing business work flows and its knowledge with the resources along with the pain points. Depth of understanding and the depth in practice, areas where the business process is being followed fully, partially or not being followed. The review V/s belief gap occurs when we believe to be the best performing organization, but do not review our activity and understand pitfalls and improvement areas.

Profit – Is a default for organizations which have motivated manpower that is aligned to the common goal and following the business process as laid down, thus eliminating losses or wastages of the organization.

We operate at either people or process or both to create efficiencies in a corporate organization. The following are the areas which we have been successfully able to crate efficiencies:

Positive Environment: Core focus on People, their current interaction levels, past relationships, areas of correction and efforts made in the past for corrections, willingness and openness to a new approach, strengths of competitors and others, and larger objective of the organization. Process created to support implementation and communication. Identify and highlight areas which propel trust and belongingness.

Process implementationUnderstand various stages of the process, the How, Where and Who in the process flow. Recreate the flow and review vigorously in line with the objective set by the stakeholders and promoters. Recommend changes which would positively impact the achievement of the objective. Motivating people with open and transparent communication to ensure implementation.

Profit MaximizationMultiple areas exist where profit is getting negatively impacted, understanding the current flow of business, identifying current achievements, blocks, loss creating incidents, motivation levels etc., and weave all aspects to impact top line and bottom line in a client partner environment. People and Process alignment to achieve objectives defined by the stakeholders of the client partner with periodic reviews and feedback.

Projects undertaken for  transforming organizations lead to growth of business by creating ownership and trust, maximize profits, Productivity enhancement by ensuring efficiency in business operations and  organizational restructuring these interventions are based on the principles of Build Operate Transfer – BOT mode.

We have had the privilege of representing the MD’s and Chairperson’s chair while operating as a defacto CEO on contract to grow business of our clients.

The role of an efficiency building consultant is to ensure disintegration of silos, common grounds of interaction, measurements and feedback. Common knowledge levels and strives to be an equal opportunity providing organization.


Learning & Development India / Indian Corporate training:

In our Indian L&D process, while creating our client specific Learning & Development solutions, we at Joy of Growing request for understanding the objective of the intervention. We understand the environment of the partner organization, the process being followed by the participants of the learning intervention, challenges being faced and resolution identified or objective established measurements L1, L2, L3 or L4 – ROI

While creating the business learning solutions we ensure using industry research along with client research which reflects in presence of real time client partner situations, matrix and environment in the case studies, role plays, activities, exercises, facilitator lead discussions, work book and power point communication, we use psychometric tools to ensure ownership transfer of the situation to the participant. The 2 to 4 day workshops are designed following instructional design principles and our facilitators practice adult learning principles while conducting sessions

ROI measurements at an individual level have been achieved in 2 organizations with a project approach and both the facilitator and client partnering and working towards common objective.

We believe a facilitator gains a body of knowledge while conducting learning workshops / sessions in an organization, this is the intellect of the partner organization.

We propose a one-to-many approach where one facilitator could be covering 500 + employees. In this regard, we have received very positive response from the participants, supervisors, HR and the business heads wherever we have applied our One-to-Many approach.

We aspire to change behavior of the participants with all inputs. We have had the good fortune to work across sectors, across verticals and across hierarchy with PSU’s and corporate for the last 10 years.

In organizations where we have applied this model, we have had positive response from the employees, supervisors business heads and HR custodians and have been able to achieve partnership in objective realization as per the defined norms of the intervention.


Head Hunting firm India / Indian Placement services:

The Jogpeople hiring solution supports HR professionals in India at client partner organizations to find relevant human capital as per JD and cultural alignment. The Indian placement service provided by joy of growing saves time and energy for our client partners to deduce to a relevant future probable employee.

Our Indian HR services team has operated across environments, thus has an in-depth understanding of profiles as we have operated across sectors.

As a Human resource firm in India, we have had a good fortune to be exposed to multiple sectors like BFSI (Banking, Mutual Fund, Insurance), Retail, Information technology, Automobile, White Goods, FMCG, Pharmaceutical and  Chemical  sectors and our exposure has also been to sales, finance, development, production and operations verticals in various organizations.

We start to operate with a 1:4 or 1:5 profile shared v/s offer ratio, when we begin our relationship with the client for the first role. Over time we graduate to 1:2 profile shared v/s offer ratio.

Our endeavor has been to become a partner of choice with our clients in their respective hiring need servicing by providing the relevant profile and saving interviewing time at the client site.