‘GROW’ Model


Step-01 Gather Facts

Raw Data

  • What do we do?
  • Understanding from Stakeholders
  • Record Interaction with role holders
  • Coverage
  • Stakeholders Vision
  • Levels, Geography, Role
  • Methodology
  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Shadow

Data Analysis

  • Consistency
  • Most and least expressed
  • High Points
  • Achievements
  • Process followed
  • Role understanding
  • Role Execution etc
  • Low Points
  • Motivation
  • Guidance
  • Knowledge
  • Growth etc
  • Gaps
  • Actual v/s Expected


  • Presentation
  • Present observations to Stakeholders
  • Gaps & Recommendations
  • Basis observed gaps
  • Learning input recommendation
  • Inputs & Sign-off
  • Stakeholders inputs and sign-off

Step-02 Reach Solutions


  • A learning solution basis facts(s) observed


  • Time & Funds to develop solution

No of Inputs

  • Frequency and time to be spent by participants to learn and apply

Objectives & Outcome

  • For participants and the organization

Principles of Design

  • Instructional Design Principles
  • Design Document

Principles of Learning Delivery

  • Case Study
  • Role Play
  • Facilitator led Discussions
  • Work books


  • Industry research
  • Client research
  • Outcome of need analysis

Tools and templates

  • Specific tools and templates design creation for application

Skill Building Techniques

  • Tools to enhance knowledge
  • Application
  • Retention

Step-03 Optimize Delivery

Train the Trainer

  • TTT on context & content
  • Certify trainer on content & Realities
  • Assessment and certification
  • Scheduling
  • Delivery
  • Pre-assessment (knowledge and skill)
  • Learning sessions
  • Post-assessment (knowledge and skill)

Post Deployment Report

  • A post learning deployment report is received from the respective trainers and the same is compiled and shared with the client. A post learning deployment report outlines

Feedback from

  • Overall feedback scores
  • Specific areas of success or area of improvement
  • Qualitative feedback about the faculty, effectiveness of learning and suggestions
  • Qualitative performance of the batch
  • Individual qualitative and quantitative inputs – skill & knowledge
  • Pride pointers
  • Areas of improvement
  • Suggested way forward

Step-04 Wellness Measure

  • Steering committee with Client to share feedback & Outcomes.
  • Field audit reports based on specific observation templates.
  • Measure of Retention and application in session.
  • Post Intervention Audit: After 20 to 45 days of the input application.
  • Evaluation on:- Retention Of Learning; Application Of Learning; Results Achieved. At an Individual Department, Location & Organization level.
  • The post intervention Audit can also be executed on a sample representing the universe.